Add ability to change Motion Warning Announcement to "Ding-Dong"

I’ve had a PIR dumb motion detector for years wired to my spot lights and to an outdoor “Ding-Dong” chime. That sound let anyone who approached the house during the day know that they’ve been noticed. “Ding Dong” is not as scary/weird, nor as annoying sounding as Ring’s Motion Warning “HI, YOU ARE CURRENTLY BEING RECORDED”.

I propose that Ring provides the option to revert to a “Ding-Dong” Motion Warning sound (for use during daytime for instance). This “Ding Dong” would chime outside and from the camera itself to alert anyone approaching the house that they’ve been noticed. And, of course it would make sense for Ring to provide a means for scheduling the present scary/creepy Motion Warning announcement to only automatically occur during the times we choose. When using this schedule, an option could be provided for either reverting to the daytime “Ding-Dong” or have silence when the creepy announcement is disabled by the schedule (as well as having the manual ability to select “Ding Dong” as the Motion Warning, of course).

This is a MUST!!! We need various deter sounds for motion warnings from the camera itself. How hard is it to just add a couple of sound options? Please vote on this request!!!