Add ability to backtest motion detection sensitivity settings to increase ability to tune sensitivity settings

I’d like the ability to backtest motion detection settings to see if the ring alarm would have triggered given the videos already in my video history and a given motion sensitivity / zone setting

I’d imagine the workflow could work like this

  • Enable a ‘tune alerts’ workflow - this sets alerts to max sensitivity for some period of time and records a bunch of videos. (or this could be done manually)
  • I can then try out different motion alert settings (sensitivity settings come to mind, bonus points if motion zones were available here, etc)
  • The app will tell me if the alert would have triggered for a given video. Bonus points if some sort of actual vs alert threshold value were made available on the video. Example: Sensitivity threshold set to 80, Actual Value Detected: 79, No Alert. (but it would tell me if my tuning was close or not)