Add ability to automatically arm/disarm at certain times

Hi. Any update on where this is in your backlog? This feature would be much appreciated!

Please add scheduling features to the Ring alarm system. If I go to sleep before my wife, the alarm is never set. I need to be able to have the alarm set automatically, just in case . . .

Agreed! Especially ability to schedule cameras to record i.e don’t record during the day but do at night. Ability for that to change by day and also be different under different modes ie at home or on holiday.

Yes Automating Arming and disarming via a schdual woul be ver useful.

Please add this feature ASAP

I am shocked that a basic feature like this is not available. And I was thinking to schedule arm/disarm of indiviaul sensors.

Or create multiple routines and each routine to sense only specified sensors.

Like between 5-6 PM sense only front door sensor. Or between 6-7 PM sense only motion sensor etc.

@Ring developers, any ETA on this feature?

Just installed ours today and am surprised this isn’t an option. And disappointed that no update has come from Ring to address if this is being considered, especially with so much interest.

There are so many other customizations currently available that are much less important than being able to schedule. This should be a no-brainer.

Agreed. Poor form by the Ring Product Management team. Alarm scheduling is the #1 requested feature across all Ring Product lines, but the Product team won’t even comment on timing.

Need geofencing, not timers

Cant believe this feature is not already there. I wanted to return my ring system only because this feature was missing. I had it in every other security system that i had.

Ring Product Management team, can you please give us an indication of when we might expect this feature? Thx.

Has there been an update to this? I was thinking of buying some Rings for my daughter but might just go Blink. They already have this feature. Frustrating that I have not seen any response from ring on this.

Mode scheduling is definitely needed. I cannot trust 3rd party apps such as SimpleCommands nor have 2 Alexa devices talk to each other to automate mode scheduling.

@Ring - Can we at least know that this is being worked on for the next update?

When was the last time any new feature was added to the app?

Its not being worked on. They don’t care what you want. There hasn’t been any innovation on Ring products since Amazon took over. Amazon only bought it out because it was a threat to market dominance that they needed to extinguish.

I am guessing they’re trying to run Ring into the ground so they can rebrand Ring and Blink (and whatever else) as “Echo Home” (a la “Google Nest”). Either that, or the backend architecture just won’t support an automated scheduler mechanism.

Either way, the Ring team has their heads in the sand hoping the 3rd most requested feature just goes away. They do not care and we are all wasting our time complaining. That said, bye.

I’m surprised the alarm is lacking this basic feature… it is a must have, I hope your team can add it soon

I was going to recommend ring for my church, but I can’t justify taking away a key feature our 10-year-old system has. How can it be that a system over a decade old has this and ring does not?

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The alarm scheduling feature is critical. Just need to know if people are breaking in to our home at night. The nuisance of constantly arming and disarming alarm throughout the day is unacceptable. I will be returning my 14 piece ring security system tomorrow.

This is now the top voted feature request. Where is the Customer Obsession Ring?

I actually can’t believe this feature doesn’t exist.
It’s so annoying having to remember to turn the alarm off every morning and arm every evening.
Cmon Ring !

Agree to each and every comment on this post.

If I would have known that they do not have scheduling feature, I would have never bought Ring. This is such a basic feature, not sure what’s taking them so long.