Actual Product Information?

My goodness, Rings product information page is useless! It looks like something a marketing person would put together. Which lets face it, is probably what happened…

How can I get actual technical information on both the indoor and stick-up camera’s? Things like:

  • What size and kind of camera sensor is used in each?
  • How about the IR - passive or active?
  • what is the performance difference between these?
  • Is IR disable available on either? Both (reputedly that’s a “yes” on the indoor…)
  • Is the IR/NV illumination different between the two?
  • What parameters are configurable on the Wi-Fi?

I think you get the idea…



Hi @dafish. Thank you for your interest in our Ring Security Cameras! The Stick Up Camera and Indoor Camera are comparable in many ways. The best location to learn more about all the different specs and features related to these products when choosing between them is by checking out our Security Camera Product Comparison Page here. Please let us know which one you decide is right for your setup. Have a great day! :slight_smile: