Activating the siren from the Ring App not working for shared user

As the ‘owner’ of the system, i can activate the alarm siren from the dashboard by pressing the red ((!)) icon in the top right of the screen. However in the app for my shared user the icon is faded out - so you can see it, but it does nothing. How do i enable so shared users can also use this icon to activate the siren? thanks.

Hi @robbigbob. Do you have Professional Monitoring enabled under the Ring Protect Plus plan, or are you under Self Monitoring? If possible can you share a screenshot of what your Shared User is seeing regarding the siren icon? We’d be happy to take a look at what you’re seeing on your end. :slight_smile:

I am considering setting up a “shared user” for a particular camera. What I would like to know is if the functions of two-way communication and siren activation are available/selectable by the new shared user?

My preference is for them NOT to be able to activate the siren as they might do so inadvertently and given the camera location, it would not be appropriate.

I cannot seem to locate information on what rights, per device, can be granted. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @ChuckGG. You can find the capabilities of Shared Users in this Help Center article here. As far as activating the Siren, yes, Shared Users can activate the Siren and use Two-Way Communication.