Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm

Also necessary for testing volume. Testing the siren for each device individually doesn’t give you a good feel for how loud the total system sounds in unison.

This is actually possible. If you have Alexa, there are many automations you can set up through 3rd party apps such as Simple Commands and IFTTT. Once you setup the routine in the app and then use that in Alexa, you can arm, disarm, set off the alarm, all with a set command. Once you learn how to use the

3rd party apps with Alexa, there’s no limit to what you can do.

yes!.. Especially since it can already start the recording and turn on the lights as a “linked device”

This is a good idea, I submitted a feature request similar to this in that any sounds from the ring system should be configurable to also sound on echo devices. In this way you could make sure the sounds are heard from wherever you like in the property.

When the alarm sounds it could even set all the echo devices to maximum volume - this would not only make it more disorienting for the intruder with the alarm sound coming from multiple locations but also alert the occupent better.

I totally agree that an outdoor siren is needed. This will allow neighbors to be alerted to the alarm.

Please, please, please, add an outdoor siren strobe to the devices for Ring. This is an extremely important device to have for any home. The police and neighbors can easily identify which home the alarm is ringing. Since all the sirens are inside, most neighbors would not know the house was being broken into without it.

Legacy wired alarms have these and are great to scare burglers and alert your neighbors plus direct police/first repsonders to the correct address.



Can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet!

Another vote from me.

Was looking for an external siren in the UK and couldn’t find anything.

This would be at least be an alternative.

EDIT: Found another thread requesting this.


I would also like an outside Siren / Speaker blasting out at high decibels. My entire street has triple glazed windows and when they are all shut and you can hardly hear the base station outside.

I set the siren off went next door to my neighbour and with their windows and doors closed we couldnt even hear the alarm sounding.

My Base station is located on the ground floor next to 8 ft from the external wall and 10 ft from a window.


Totally agree. Really disappointed that the system does not do this. On alarm - all lights, sirens and recording should start

Totally agree

It would have to be safeguarded against false triggers for it to be feasible. Left to the general user, it’d go off when unwarranted. Silent capture would be better than crying wolf for every cat walking by.

100% agree, can’t believe they do not do it as standard


This is related to a forum help request (linking here rather than restating), where the pre-siren alarm status events played by the keypad are just too quiet - being able to use any of the products (Dome Siren, Ring Chime) for this purpose as an extender/amplifier is crucial.

I just assumed this would be one of the features that was built into the alarm system when I bought it so I was surprised to learn it wasn’t. This makes complete sense to me and I don’t understand why it wasn’t an original feature. I have five cameras with sirens built in surrounding my home so this would be a great option. Please make this happen!

I agree and we also need to have access to the dome sirens. Why does the U.K. store only have limited items for sale?

I’m massively disappointed that they don’t do this, I love the alarm but having sirens working outside would make a huge difference to the system

This must be posted every week - come on Ring, please make it happen we all want it!