Activate Siren on all Camera’s and Alarm

This has been said elsewhere, but let’s say it again. A lot of people want this feature. It will sell outside and inside cameras with sirens and it will sell alarm systems.

I have a Ring Alarm but don’t have any Ring cameras, yet. This feature would be a good selling point to add a couple Ring floodlight cameras, especially because there’s no external siren with the Ring Alarm and the internal one isn’t really that loud.

so I agree having a base station alarm condition activate the siren on external Floodlight Cameras is a great idea.

also agree with GNPHiker’s suggestion to additionally flash the hardwired floodlight cam lights on an alarm condition. This would be great additional external notification of an alarm. Perhaps it could be a configurable option to flash the lights or just turn them on steady when an alarm occurs.

I certainly Agree.

This gets my vote!

This is the only thing holding me back from purchasing a Ring alarm system, come on ring you’re missing a trick here!

Ring needs to offer additional sirens, including outdoor sirens. Or/additionally, just provide a relay or smart plug to provide power to 3rd party sirens when the base alarm activates. I am protecting rural property and need loud sirens to deter thieves and alert neighbors 200 yards away. If anyone can point me to an existing solution, I would greatly appreciate it.


Gets my vote too. The one feature I would like is an external noise of some sort should the alarm go off.

I am also expecting this feature. It should be standard feature.

Agreed with this request, it would be great if when the alarm panel alarms the camera sirens activate too. A much needed addition.

I totally agree.

I agree too - infact, I am incredible surprised that nobody at Ring has come up with this feature - it’s strange to not have it included.

Equally I think it would be good that the lights could “flash” to identify the location - unless movement was detected whereby they would remain on to record.

Fantastic idea. Please add

Request this option with there support staff months ago

Maybe to avoid noise pollution from all the sirens going off all the time when getting spurious triggers. They’d get too much backlash and complaints from neighbors about disturbing the peace if it wasn’t reliable enough to only go off only when warranted.

This would be a great added feature - Thanks!

Please make it possible to link the floodlight cam alarms to the Ring home alarm system. This is how I thought the system would work before I purchased it. Very disappointed!

Must have feature. Was very dissapointed this was not available

Waiting for this feature to buy the ring alarm.

Also necessary for testing volume. Testing the siren for each device individually doesn’t give you a good feel for how loud the total system sounds in unison.

This is actually possible. If you have Alexa, there are many automations you can set up through 3rd party apps such as Simple Commands and IFTTT. Once you setup the routine in the app and then use that in Alexa, you can arm, disarm, set off the alarm, all with a set command. Once you learn how to use the

3rd party apps with Alexa, there’s no limit to what you can do.