Actions on alarm

This should be VERY easy. Called Ring support about a problem adding a member to my account. Tangentially, I asked if there was a way I could trigger an alarm to see how it worked. I was told it wasn’t possible.
Tis was followed by the Ring rep stating something similar to ‘no, once the alarm sounds, the device trigger a call to your local police.’ The way I read Ring web page, an alarm triggers a call to Ring. Which is correct?

Hi @requiredusername. You are able to test your Alarm in the UK without worrying about the police being dispatched by Ring. Professional Monitoring is not available in the UK; therefore, you would not get a call from a live agent to have them dispatch police. There is Assisted Monitoring available in the UK, which is an automated system that calls your emergency contacts to let you know your Alarm has been triggered. This Help Center article has further information on Assisted Monitoring. I hope this helps.

Should have included I’m in the US. I suspect an alarm calls Ring monitoring and not 911, but I’m now uncertain.

Hi @requiredusername. If you have questions about the Ring Alarm system and monitoring service in the US, try posting in the Ring Alarm board. This board is for the Ring Alarm in the UK.