Achieve and ring alarm question

I purchased a schlage connect F series lock with zwave. Since, I have been on the hunt for a smart hub so that I can connect this lock to my Alexa and ring. However, been unsuccessful.
I currently only have the doorbell and do not have the alarm system. My question is if I get the ring alarm system will that alleviate the need for the hub? If not, I saw an option to purchase the ring alarm with the newest echo dot, will that the setup needed to satisfy the hub requirement?
As mentioned, Samsung smartthings is not available ANYWHERE and any of the other hubs schlage lists require a monthly subscription.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Finster32. The only way to integrate a smart lock into your Ring ecosystem would be to connect it to your Ring Alarm system. The Ring Alarm Base Station will allow you to connect compatible Z-Wave devices and control them in the Ring App. For a list of compatible Z-Wave devices, check out our Works With Ring page! I hope this helps!