Account is removed by Ring

I bought a Doorbell 4 two weeks ago. A week after creating my account and setting up the doorbell all of a sudden the bell stopped working. My account had been removed and I had to start over with everything. There was a firmware update and I put it down to that. I created my account again and set up the doorbell again. A week later it happened again. This time I contacted support who said they couldn’t see any evidence that I had ever created an account. They asked me to try again, so I created my account again but this time I couldn’t set up the doorbell because it now tells me it’s already registered to someone else’s account! I now have a useless bell that cannot be transferred from anyone because the account it used to be registered to doesn’t exist. Anyone got any ideas about this, because to me it seems like a cyber security breach. I can of course prove I had that initial account because I have all the emails they sent to me then.

Hi @plsm5882. I’m not sure if there’s a setting maybe on your phone that is causing you to be logged out of the Ring app every time you close the app, as your Ring account shouldn’t be automatically logged out or removed in any way. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we cannot see account details in order to troubleshoot this. To get this resolved, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here so they can take a deeper look. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.