Ability to share ring bridge

Multiple family members need to ability to turn on lights (not lighted cameras) when coming home. Please add this in a future update ASAP. The typical Dad, Mom and kids depicted in your commercials and videos is not typical. Multiples from the same household need to be able to use the ring app, share the spotlights, step lights, etc. currently the Ring app does not allow it.


I agree. There needs to be multiple owners or shared users need access to bridge. It is silly that my partner cannot turn on or off lights without logging out of their account and logging into mine. We have separate accounts for a reason.


Yes, please! I bought some smart lights assuming this would work as all the other devices do, only to find out shared users are unable to see or make personal settings on them. For me, I want my floodlight camera to turn on and start recording when my smart light senses motion. This overall process works well, but the light is in a high traffic area during the day so I setup a motion schedule. The motion schedule works great on my app, but not for the shared users. Shared users were getting bombarded with motion alerts and had no way to supress the alerts or setup motion schedules for themselves.

Agree. Have Ring Smart Lighting system with Bridge and A19 bulbs. in my house. Only option is to “group” lights which nullifies that ability to share a user. In a household of two I am the only one that can turn the light on and off. Since the lights are switched on all the time my wife is not able to turn the lights on unless I’m with her. Being able to share users with the Ring app Smart Lighting is a must upgrade and the sooner the better. Allow users to share a “group” or allow for single light setup without grouping.


I talked to someone about this last year AND posted here in March. Nothing has been done yet!

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Why is this still not implemented!?! Just setup a mailbox sensor and can’t share it with my Wife so she gets notifications too through her account. Allowing Shared user access should be required on all devices. The Light bridge setup instructions even tell you to have your shared users update their app too: Setting Up and Installing your Ring Smart Lighting Bridge – Ring Help

This statement is misleading (and incorrect) considering the shared users can’t access the lighting devices:

If there is an update available for your Ring app, please update it before you begin. Remind any shared users to update their app too. Updating the app ensures that everyone on your account will be able to see this new device.

This encourages users to share their account logins which is a major security risk.

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