Ability to set notification preference per zone

I’d like the ability to set notification per zone vs whole camera. My use case is based on the new police request feature. I have two cameras that face the road. I want to be able to set a zone that records motion, but not notifies me of it. Right now if I increase my zone to cover the road, I get 100+ notifications a day as people and cars go by, so my zone is set just to the edge of my property. That way I get notified if anyone comes on to my property. However, the police have this new feature where they can request ring users to check their cams if they need assistance with crimes, abductions, etc. since I’m forced to only set my zone to edge of my property, I wouldn’t have any footage of the road if requested. I’d like to be able to set a zone on the road that records, but doesn’t notify. Then a zone that covers my property that records AND notifies. You already have multi-zone capabilities. Just move the records and notification settings to the zone setup.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I have the same request. I want to record all motion in front of my house but only get notified when someone comes up my driveway or to my door. I set up two zones that would accomplish this, but then realize that I can only set up notifications for each device not each zone within a device. This would be a fabulous addition…

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This request is important! I don’t understand why the option for multiple motion zones is available if you can’t differentiate between them, other than the immediate identification of where motion occurred. Each zone should be customizable in sensitivity and notification options. I manage a system of 460 Avigilon cameras and have the ability to write rules for about every possible scenario out there, and would love to see Ring add this zone customization option. I do understand this is not a commercial system like Avigilon, and you (Ring) have to manage server space, but this would give us all the ability to help keep our neighborhoods safer without being notified excessively. Thanks for your consideration.

Yes please. I just setup two zones, one to monitor a portion of my backyard the other for my pool area. Not sure what the value of multiple zones is if you cannot notify differently.

It would be helpful to schedule notifications differently if there is activity in the pool area but not the yard.


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This is a great idea. I just got the Ring email blast about the option to help out police, but if I expand my capture beyond my yard the notifications are unmanageable, so I can’t really participate. Seems shortsighted to start this partnership without this feature.

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This is a feature that should have been included from the beginning! Please get this done!

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Totally agree this is needed.

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We have the ring floodlight cam and have 2 motion zones set up. We want to record motion in any of the 2 zones, but only be alerted when motion is detected in “Zone 1”. Is this possible? If not, please try to make it available soon, it is desperately needed due to recent events in our neighborhood.


@Ring, you tell people to post to this feature request board, then ignore the requests. How sad.

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I couldn’t agree more. It would be excellent if each camera could have 2 zones, one for capturing video and another for triggering an alert. As it is today, I want to capture all video (as you said, in case there is a car accident or some otherwise benign event) but want to be notified only if someone is actually approaching my house. Absent this feature, users must choose between meaningful notifications and video coverage, that is a bad choice to have to make. I errored on the side of capturing all video, and as a result either disable notifications or ignore them for specific cameras. It sucks.

I am extremely apt to search for alternate options, but have been otherwise pleased with the Ring cameras, but this feature alone is enough to win market share if someone else has it available.

So many people have asked for this, in so many different requests. Hopefully it gets through to the dev team.

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This may be new technology for Ring, but the capabilities for zones and zone alerting have been out there for several years. I have had an 8 camera Night Owl system for 6 years with this capability. When we moved 2.5 years ago, I decided to install Ring instead of my other cameras. But, as others have already said, I do not have the zone and alert capabilities for each zone. I am still hopeful that Ring will invest in this capability soon so I can move away from multiple security systems.

New feature request: like above, it would be nice to have different trigger events for motion zones. If there is motion in Zone 1 -Always record and turn on lights, Zone 2 - Turn on Lights, Zone 3 - Turn on Linked Light Front Door, Zone 4 - Play audio file

This is greatly needed. Thank you.

Agreed, in fact Ring could make some more money out of me if it had this feature.

I don’t currently pay to store Record Motion, because what I want to be Alerted about and what I want Recorded are different.

But if I had the ability to customize zones, then I would tell

Zone2 to Record Motion, but not send Motion Alerts and

Default Zone to send Motion Alerts, but not Record Motion, then I would pay the subscription.

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would love to see this feature as well. We have had a number of crime incidents in our area and had to turn off notifications so that we can record motion on the road to help out.

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I found yours and adding my vote. Here’s mine:


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I came here to request this exact feature. I want to put 2 zones on my Ring Pro doorbell. One for the road and one for the property. I only want to get notifications for the property zone.

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I would like to see this feature too. I want any motion on the street to be recorded, but I don’t want to be annoyed by constant alerts.