Ability to filter motion alerts by people not just motion

Using the Ring Android app, seems to only way to filter events is by motion. Why not include a filter for people detected too? Otherwise its too cumbersome to sort through events in busy areas. Nest cameras offer this filter.

Thanks, but that does not solve my issue. There are gaps and disparate feature sets between using computer and app, they should be made consistent. Its poor design otherwise. So I should carry a computer around with me all of the time ? Thanks.

Not helpful but thank you

mysteryy -

I don’t use the Android version of the Ring app, so I’m not familiar with its capabilities.

Am I correct in assuming, however, that you are referring to the Ring app History feature (rather than the Timeline feature)?

For example, in the iPadOS version of the Ring app, selecting the “Filter Events by Type” radio button in the Timeline feature allows you to filter video clips in six categories, including “Person Detected”. I assume that this filter probably requires that:

  • The Person detection capability is turned on for the Ring device
  • The Ring device is NOT using Ring’s End-to-End Encryption feature

Yes, I am talking about the History, accessed from main menu or for each camera, individually. There is no way to select Person and filter on that. Nest allows you to do that, easily. Person detection capability is turned on and I am getting notifications when people are detected (which also includes squirrels, shadows, and bugs, lol)