A19 smart lightbulbs intermittently lose connection for hours

Good afternoon,
I’m looking for assistance with my A19 bulbs that intermittently lose connection and will spontaneously restore connection after a significant amount of time.
I originally setup my smart light bulb setup a few months ago with ~6 bulbs, all connected through a 4th Gen Echo and everything worked perfectly. In addition to those lightbulbs, I also have a ring home security system as well as a Ring Doorbell and two outside security cameras. I enjoyed the initial setup, so I expanded it to a total of ~15-18 A19 bulbs and after that initial expansion it worked fine about a week. However, after that, the light bulbs began to disconnect at unpredictable times and would remain disconnected for hours. Many times the bulbs would reconnect without any intervention on my part, but it would likely take several hours. Alternatively, if I turned the light switch to off and then on again, the lights would reconnect after a few minutes. I thought perhaps it was a distance to the router thing, but many times I’ll have two light bulbs in a lamp but only one has connection. Additionally, I have the 4th Gen Echo in the same room as the router and it has often lost connection to the same smart light bulbs all in the same room. The lights will disconnect in the middle of the night when no one is using the internet, so I don’t think its because of high amounts of internet use. Whenever the lights do connect, they always say the bridge connection status is “Good”. When the lights have a dropped connection, Alexa has no other issues connecting to my other smart devices in the house, as I can use my voice commands to Alexa to arm or disarm my home security system and also through the ring app I’m able to view all my video cameras.
Any help is appreciated. I really like the A19 + Alexa setup, but once I expanded to ~15 bulbs I started to get all these connection issues that happen multiple times per day, which really ruins the experience and the whole point of the smart light system. I’ve tried to trouble shoot this extensively to see if it was a range issue or a lack of bandwidth issue, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I thought perhaps it was a problem with Alexa serving as the bridge, but she never has issues connecting to any other smart devices in the house.

Hi @aethe. Thank you for being thorough in your explanation of what’s happening with your A19 Smart Bulbs as well as what steps you’ve taken so far. Ring Smart Lighting devices use radio frequency to communicate with the Bridge, and the Bridge is connected via wifi. The use of radio frequency allows for the Ring Smart Lighting devices to connect over a larger effective range and be less susceptible to interference than a wifi signal. Other signals on a similar frequency may cause interference, so it’s worth checking if you have any new devices added to your home recently.

As for additional troubleshooting steps, I’d recommend trying a reset on your Echo. You can find steps on how to reset your Echo in Amazon’s help center here. If that doesn’t improve the connectivity concerns, try completely removing your Smart Bulbs and taking them through the setup process again in the Ring app. This will refresh the connection with the freshly reset Echo to rule out any potential errors.

Should these troubleshooting steps not help and you continue to have your Smart Bulbs disconnecting frequently with no clear indication of what could be causing any interference, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can help investigate this further. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.