A19 Smart Light Bulbs

I just ordered a couple smart light bulbs and I just have a couple questions. Do I have to manually set the times that they come on/go off or can I set them up to do that automatically? Like from dusk to dawn like I saw other smart lights do? How would I incorporate these new lights with my current doorbell cameras? I would have the bulbs right above these cameras. Is there a setting where my cameras won’t alert when the lights come on/go off?

Great questions neighbor! The Ring app will feature a light scheduling option which will allow you to choose when your lights will come on. There are additional settings and groups/ linking features that will allow you to fine tune how the A19 works with your other Ring devices. Keep in mind, the Smart Lighting Bridge is needed to integrate your other Ring devices and utilize all features of your Smart Lighting. Once you have a group or linked devices, there will be additional settings to decide whether Doorbell motion will trigger these lights or not. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: