A19 Bulb controls other than through the app?

On each of my porches (front and back yards) I have the A19 bulbs installed as well as cameras. Each set of bulbs are linked to said porch/doorbell cameras for motion activation during nighttime hours. I also have lighting schedules in place for auto on/off fuctions. I even have these linked w/ Alexa for voice controls. With all of this, I have a pretty well functioning automated lighting solution.

However, I want to also have MANUAL controls w/out having to locate my phone, scroll through the app to my devices, and then toggle the desired lights on/off as needed.
Obviously its required that I leave the associated wall switch in the on position in order for these lights to operate properly, but I would like to have a physical switch that I can toggle on/off by hand (not voice or via phone) that will turn these lights on/off. I want to be able to turn the switch on at any time and the lights stay on no matter the length of time until it is turned off. Or vice versa, maybe I’m enjoying a patio fireplace in the dark w/ friends and would like to have the lights stay off w/out them being triggered on every time my camera detects motion?

I basically want normal “non-automated” controls primary, and then the automated solution second. Having voice activated controls through Alexa was neat/fun for the first week then it got old and I’m sorry, pretty corny. Having to locate my phone and navigate the app everytime I want to toggle the lights is too involved and time consuming. (Plus people need to sever the emotional link w/ their digital pacifiers more often but that’s for a different thread).

The only solution I can think of that would be possible is some form of Wifi/Z-wave type of light switch that would be linked to the lights via the ring or Alexa apps that would have an instruction to control the lights via it’s position. I see the RING Leviton smart switch allows you to control connected devices remotely w/ the app but I’m thinking the other way around???

Is this possible???

Check out the Flic smart buttons. I haven’t used them personally, but they now support Alexa so they should be able to control the bulbs through a routine. The downside is they’re pretty pricey.