A nightmare

I have never been so upset about a product. My son purchased the ring doorbell for me to install at my home, and he used his email address upon installation. Since he used his email address I don’t have access to technical support at my home. We have called the company on several occasions trying to get this resolve this issue and have not gotten the issue resolved.

He gets notifications to my front door and he does not live here. Calling them is a nightmare and it stresses me out. This product is of no use to me and him either because he lives in an apartment. What a joke this company is. They don’t care whether the product works or not the bottom line was they got your money.

I wanted to add the ring security camera to the existing doorbell, and I will not buy another piece of equipment from them.


It’s unfortunately your son set it up the way he did and that is the reason for your issues.

  1. Have him remove the Doorbell from his Ring account.
  2. Create your Ring account, if you haven’t already, and add the Doorbell to it.

Doing that you should start to get the notifications yourself and he should no longer.

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