A couple of issues getting my new Ring Wired Installed - Help!?

Hi, new Ring owner here and our package arrived today. I have two main issues I’m looking for help resolving (and I’m not super handy!)

Part of the reason that we decided to get the Ring Wired was to replace the doorbell that was already in the house we purchased (it rings, but it’s very faint so it’s essentially useless). I was able to unscrew the current doorbell outside and test for current and all appears to be working.

The problem here is that I didn’t realize as part of the setup that I would need to locate the current chime box and use the “Jumper cable” to bypass the current system. We’ve looked in the past (and again to try to resolve the issue now) but the chime is nowhere visible. The back doorbell sort of works, so we tried that and it sounds like it’s built into the wall/ceiling above one of the cabinets. Is it possible the previous owner had the doorbell chime built INTO the wall? If so, is there any I can do to get the doorbell connect properly without starting to knock down walls to find this chime?

As well, the doorbell fits in the space the current doorbell sits for the front door, but there is a small panel that runs around the actual doorframe which means the ring wouldn’t sit flat against the wall. There is some brick to the side if I can mount there but I would need a way to extend the wires to reach (and then cover the wires because they’ll stick out, no?)

Thanks for all the help!

Since we really can’t see your setup, I’d recommend hiring an electrician in your area to finish the install for you and set it up how you want it.