6 month old what’s happened

Can anyone explain this I fitted this for an elderly relative the original bell had a battery problem and was replaced directly from ring. She changed internet provider so I went back to re-Set and found bell in this condition. Screws on bottom corroded can’t undo at the moment ???

Hey @Davidwalters. Is the Doorbell in an area that is subjected to extreme weather conditions? The devices are weather resistant but not weather proof, so if it goes through harsh weather, this could be the reason why. Regardless, please make sure you reach out to our support team here in regards to this to see what possible next steps you have.

Hi Chelsea
No there are not any particular adverse weather conditions in fact the location is quite secluded and only subject to mild weather conditions I have a suspicion it was the unusual brushed copper effect coating and not the normal silver as I’ve not seen this with any of the other 8 bells I have fitted over a longer period