5" Round Base on Floodlight Camera

We purchased two Floodlight cameras to be mounted in a weather exposed setting. The base of these lights is a 5" round device. I can not find any 5" round weatherproof junction boxes. Any thoughts on how to mount these things?

You may have to do what I did and buy a square weather tight plastic box with cover (no holes) and drill holes to match the mounting holes in the base of the camera and another hole in the center for the power leads to go through . Bolt the camera/light to the lid with leads through the center hole and then screw the lid to the box after you have connected the power leads through a water tight connector to the appropriate hole in the box. Secure the box to the house w/o lid first of course. It’s not pretty but we mounted ours under the eaves and painted the box the same color as the camera so it looks reasonable. We had to run the power cable on the exterior because we didn’t have easy access to run it internally.