4k cameras

Please provide 4k cameras as an option. Your HD cameras are good, but there are certain situations (like in a larger retail space or a parking lot) where more detail would be very useful. I realize that they would eat up more storage space and bandwidth… I would be willing to pay an additional monthly fee to be able use 4k. Maybe charge users based on how many 4k cameras they are running on their system???

Even for residential purposes, the higher resolution is needed for instance to see the plate of the car bumps into your car

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I was hoping the new Floodlights would have 4k cameras but unfortunately that’s not the case. :frowning:


Any news on a future stick up 4k (or even 2k) camera? I’d love to buy 2-3 more but I don’t want to buy them until they can easily capture license plates.

Im looking for a higher quality camera from the 1080p that is currently in the floodlight camera. Can Ring make a 4k camera with night vision and brighter LED light bulbs for 2021?

I’m looking for the same and does not look like there are newer floodlight models with 4k.

4K cameras would be nice to have in the future.

I would really like to see 2k or 4k cameras in the future. I had a wired 4k video system in a prior residence and nothing really compares to those cameras. I have 3 outdoor Ring cameras presently and I’m not over thrilled with picture quality after stepping down from my wired system. Would love to see you guys offer something higher than 1080 in the future. A 4k system where you have the option to downgrade the picture quality if need be for bandwidth or data purposes would be awesome. I would assume that this has been suggested multiple times and I’d just like to add some more input on the subject. Thanks.