4 suggestions for Ring Alarm

An oversight in my opinion is the Ring monitoring solution, this will call upto 3 people if the alarm is activated or the medical/fire buttons are pressed on the keypad, great except if you have fallen down the stairs you have to make your way to the keypad to activate. Suggestion integrate Alexa so that you can call out for assistance and activate the alert

  1. There is no UK available smoke/water leak detector to add to this system by Ring.(Come on Ring it makes sense)
  2. Home monitoring offers to contact upto 3 people on mobile/landline, but as mentioned above it can be approved.
  3. incorporate the cameras when in armed mode to sound automatic alerts to anyone near the home that they have been detected and you have been alerted to their presence.
  4. For the elderly/disabled/vulnerable some sort of wearable device that you can use to trigger if you need help.