4 Months & Still Not Fixed - Floodlight Turning Off Because of App

Companies are always saying they want the feedback to provide fixes and updates to issues. How this has been unresolved for so long is just beyond me. All I want is for my driveway floodlight to stay on from dusk to dawn. I was able to do that by flipping a switch BEFORE I got a Ring but I can’t do that anymore. The floodlight is on a schedule to stay on when it is dark out but sure enough, anytime I go outside it is dark. Why? Because the app has a feature that, even though Ring has known about this for months, that I cannot disable. In DEVICE SETTINGS - LIGHT SETTINGS - MOTION ZONES FOR LIGHTS there is AUTO-SHUTOFF TIME that turns the lights off AFTER an event has occurred. This means, if a cat walks by, the lights will shutoff and stay off until tripped again.

I have had several Ring techs tell me to do different things (uninstall, reinstall, adjust settings, etc) but the bottom line is, as long as I don’t have the ability to disable the auto shutoff, I am left in the dark, literally. Ring has known about this for months but rather than fix the problem, it is being ignored. I shouldn’t have to manually turn on the lights because your app has decided to auto shut them off for me because a bug flew by the camera. I’m annoyed because this should’ve been fixed a long time ago but clearly no one is listening. This is what happens when companies get so big that they begin to ignore the customer feedback. instead of resolving the problem, Ring just keeps kicking out new products, leaving holes in my home security.

GetAKitty -

It definitely sounds like an annoying problem.

I’m curious:

  • Do you have a 1st Gen or 2nd Gen floodlight?
  • Is it wired or battery-operated?
  • If battery-operated… is there any chance the battery is faulty?
  • Which OS version of the Ring app are you using (i.e., IOS, Android, iPadOS, Windows, Mac, etc.)?
  • Are you using any type of unusual Ring features, such as Geofencing?
  • Is a video clip created every time something trips the motion detector in the floodlight – including at night?
  • Have you tried using the Ring (pre-defined) “Dusk to Dawn” light schedule?
    • Dusk to Dawn: On
    • (device name)
    • Lights On
    • At Dusk-At Dawn
    • Every Day
  • If you use the light schedule mentioned above… does the floodlight turn on at dusk (or does it turn on at some random time)?
  • If you ALSO turn OFF the Motion-Activated Lights option in the Light Settings for the device… what happens?
    • Does the floodlight turn on at dusk then stay on until dawn?
    • Are video clips still created each time motion is detected?
  • In whatever version of the Ring app you are using… have you, by any chance, noticed that device light schedules appear in TWO places? (I thought it was a bit surprising.)

If I’m understanding it correctly, you have the toggle switch for motion-activated lights in the light settings turned off, but the floodlight is still detecting motion and turning off the lights after the time for the auto-shutoff timer expires?

Have you tried turning off the toggle switch for motion-activated lights and also turning off all three of the motion zones for the lights?

If you’ve done all of that and the lights are still turning off after detecting motion, then it sounds like a firmware glitch.

Hello and yes, that was one of the MANY things Ring tech support had me do, as well as reset the device, reinstall the app, etc. I just called tech support and spoke to a nice woman in Jamiaca. However, she indicated there are no records relating to this issue or records of the 10 calls I’ve placed to Ring over the past several months.

It is a 2nd gen hard wired floodlight and I am running IOS 15.1 on my Iphone. I am not use Geofencing, a vid clip is generated any time an event occurs and I did try using the duck-to-dawn feature. Turning off motion activated lights did not resolve the problem because the AUTO SHUTOFF TIMER still kicks in. When I spoke to a tech rep tonight, she said “Wow,that is odd” when she saw how the auto timer was overriding the light schedule. When I asked if she thought I was being unreasonable by wanting my lights to stay on during the night, she obviously agreed it was not an unreasonable request, which be both knew but was trying to make a joke out of it.

GetAKitty -

After 11 support calls over a four month period… I can certainly understand why you are so frustrated.

At this point, have you considered asking for a refund? It would seem that one of the primary functions of a security floodlight is the ability to provide light when it’s dark. A refund would obviously not reimburse you for all the wasted time, stress, lowered security, installation costs, etc. It would, however, hopefully limit such costs in the future.

Note: The symptoms you are describing may actually be due to a number of different causes, including presumably, a faulty light sensor. If Ring had excellent support reps, however, they should have been able to tell you, in order, the most likely causes and the best solution.

I am confident Ring will NOT issue a refund because they will stick to the same old line of how the issue will eventually be resolved. I can tell you that this isn’t a technical glitch but rather an error within the app. We all know the cause of the light turning off is because of the AUTO SHUTOFF TIMER in the app, which does not allow me the means to disable it.