3D motion detection

From what I have seen, Ring can only notify if a person and/or motion activates the camera. If you turn off the motion, but leave person on, and a car drives up, the camera sees it as a motion event. Which means it will not tell you when a person is coming to the door. If you turn on motion it notifies on everything (including when a cat walks by and yes that is with your supposed smart alerts active, which that feature is useless).

You have the 3D motion, and can recognize a person, you should be able to recognize a car with little effort. Why not add that detection and have an option to detect person/vehicle and/or motion? Just person or notify on most everything is not useful at all (becomes like a car alarm, no one pays attention to those anymore). You could also just add a height perimeter of like 3 feet tall or something, not many (if any) adult humans are shorter than that, but most wildlife is shorter.

I don’t know the solution 100%, but turning the sensitivity down (makes 0 difference on motion alerts) and adjusting the zones and all that does not work on a cat. And no notification when a car pulls up, just because a human didn’t walk up is not a valid solution either.

Sounds like you need to tweak your settings more.
I get notifications for cats (and other small animals), cars/delivery vehicles pulling into my driveway, and people who walk up to my door.
I had to tweak my sensitivity, frequency, and zone settings a few times until I hit upon the ones that worked for me.

Have sensitivity set to min (tried all in between), do not have a zone in front of my garage door (where the cat likes to go and cats should not be detected at all if they actually had a decent algorithm. Cats and humans are quite different in stature and the way they walk). I have tried turning off motion detection to just detect humans and it won’t notify on humans if there was motion first. I have reset my detection distance, built 1 to 4 zones to try and improve it, and so much more. Their algorithm needs to be improved, a fresh out of school CIS student could probably make a better one. Not even 100% sure why they have 3D detection, rain can set it off too, if it rains hard enough (again sensitivity at min).