2nd gen video doorbell model 5UM5E5

I have a 2nd gen video doorbell and as I have to keep taking it off to charge (every 2 weeks) I thought I’d get a transformer (non ring from Amazon) I have had 2 and both failed after working for a while. The health status changed from battery to hardwired, then when they failed back to battery. I then purchased the ring transformer which I connected yesterday. I check voltage first and it showed 24 volts before connecting it to the doorbell. Once connected it hasn’t changed from battery to hardwired in the health on the app. since yesterday is has gone from 85% to 80% approx 24 hours? I removed the wiring and checked again with wires disconnected from the doorbell and again shows 24volts. When connected it shows much lower voltage which I suspect is trickle charge? My questions are 1/ Should health status not show as hardwired? 2/ Why is the charged % dropping? Many thanks in advance for any help / advice.

Like you, when i first got my Doorbell I had issues keeping it charged up. I tweaked my Motion Settings (frequency and sensitivity) to reduce to amount of motion events. Once I did that the trickle charge from my old wiring was finally able to keep up with keeping the battery at 100%.

Thanks for that, I will take a look at the motion settings. But, did your health show battery or hardwired? That is what is confusing me.


I’ve truly never paid attention to what it said for battery or hardwired.

thanks, if you get a chance, perhaps you’d take a look for me. I’m a bit confused as to why the actual ring transformer doesn’t charge the doorbell as required rather than trickle if the unit is using a lot of battery. The non ring ones I had (albeit they failed) did charge and showed the status as hardwired. I can’t actually tell if the ring transformer is doing anything?