2nd Gen Slow Motion Alerts

Has anyone else noticed that motion alerts can take between 2 seconds to much much longer (20+ seconds) to come through on their phone or even echo show?

My RSSI is green and -41. Some days I get activations within 2 seconds, but most times the notifications are so late I do not see what caused the motion unless I go to history of saved events!!! By then, it is too late as most delivery guys and postmen do not hang around!

I use Rapid Ring app now for extra speed but same issue of late alerts. (iPhone)

My internet (fibre optic) is 65 down and 20 up and all connections and speeds are fine. WiFi for the bell is connected fine to 2.4Ghz.

Is this normal for Ring Doorbells to have such a slow response time for alerts?

I think Ring needs to update the speed of notifications so they are instant for users to see who or what is out there! We should not have to wait for their cloud to process the video just to be notified. Give us instant notifications to go to live view right away while your cloud does whatever it does in the background.

I fully agree, here WiFi is quite fast for today at 255 mbps Down Load and 25 mbps Up Load. Despite this speed it takes much to long to get connected by my IPhone or IPad even when I am at home.
The Apple products are in the same WiFi network as my Ring 2
RSSI green -59
By the time the connection has been established the one at the front door left already.

How can this be solved?