2nd gen contact sensor magnet dimensions?

I only am finding the overall dimensions on the 2nd gen contact sensor. I have double hung windows and have limited space to place the magnet. Can someone please let me know the dimensions of just the magnet? Thank you!

Hey @jldg. The dimensions for the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor 2nd Gen is going to be about 2” x .55” x .55". In addition, you can always purchase and use a slim magnet. Lastly, I wanted to share you a picture of what the magnet looks like out of the white case it comes in!

You can always take the magnet out of the case in order to have an even smaller one. The longer and skinnier magnet is the one from the first generation, which is about ~ 1 1/4 inch x ~1/4 inch x ~ 1/8 inch. The second magnet is the second generations magnet, which is about 3/4 inch x ~5/16 inch x ~3/16 inch.

Please note that the magnet are pretty secure in the white case, so make sure you are careful when trying to get out the magnet if you go down this route! :smiley_cat:


Thank you so much for the quick response! I’ll probably need to take the magnets out of the case but I’m perfectly fine with doing that.

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@jldg No problem, happy to help! I recommend it especially for those unique type of doors. Feel free to share how it looks when you have it set up, it may help other neighbors!! :smiley_cat: