24/7 Recording/Storage PLEASE

I moved from Nest to Ring due to the expanded security system and Ring is more affordable. But I have now had 3 separate instances where Ring, on multiple camera’s, did not pick up activity I would have wanted to see. I still have my Nest Hello doorbell cam because Nest does 24/7 recording. 2 of the 3 times Nest picked up what I wanted to see. the 3rd was only missed by Nest because I accidentally changed my plan with them to motion based. I have Snapshots turned on at 30 seconds, but that is an eternity with a quick action as proven by my instances. I have been keeping my Nest Hello for the 24/7. I am willing to pay more for 24/7 recording from Ring, PLEASE offer this and soon. If it is not offered by the time my current Nest subscription expires, I will have to divert from Ring back to Nest for the cameras. I simply have a requirement of 24/7 video recording. I am willing to pay a premium for it and I am ok with it only be stored for 24-48 hours. I’ll know in that time frame if I need to review the footage or not. Ring PLEASE give us 24/7 ASAP.

NOTE: I realize this is a battery drain, I would be ok with it being only offered plugged in/hardwired devices, selfishly that is all I have.

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!