24/7 Live View? Any updates?

Are there any updates on this? I work from home and I use my Ring Spotlight Battery to monitor my front door while I’m working, as I tend to receive a lot of packages. But it’s very annoying to have to reconnect every ten minutes. I’m considering selling the entire setup and purchasing another ReoLink C2 Pro. Their software doesn’t allow for 24/7 live viewing, but you can use the free NetCam Studio X software to turn your PC into a DVR/NVR to have a constant live feed as well as local recording 24/7 with the C2 Pro. The software doesn’t work with Ring cameras. Not that I can find, anyway.
But yes, looking for an update before I offload Ring and go with another type of camera.

Please do inform us what company sells a camera that is powered by a battery that lasts 24/7 live streaming.
Your device is battery powered, as are most of Ring’s devices. It’s not going to last 24/7 streaming a video stream.

Hi @mlrosier. Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras are not designed to record or have the Live View open 24/7 or continuously. They’re designed to record when motion is detected, and allow you to check in on what’s happening at your home via the Live View option. You’re welcome to add your feedback to this thread in our Feature Request board.