24/7 Continuous Recording

The motion event sometimes does not record enough or records late. That’s why 24/7 recording would have help in this scenario.

I too would love this feature. I had $2k worth of cameras in my Amazon cart. I was just about to check out, and decided to do some last minute research before I pulled the trigger. I just assumed this would be an option. I expected it to cost more. And I was okay with paying more a month for this feature. But it looks like I’m going with Nest. I just can’t imagine how much business Ring has lost because of this. Hopefully Ring is paying attention here.


instead of 24/7 at least have record every motion the camera detects but only send notifications if motions are detected in a certain zone.

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PLEASE PLEASE - I have 8 outdoor cameras that I use (non-ring) and use Blue Iris to record 24/7, they are great cameras but it involves upkeep at times, not much, but would love to replace at least 4 of these outdoor cameras with Ring. I just need the to record 24/7 and retention to be 30 days minimum.

I have bought into the whole ring ecosystem, moved from ADT SmartThings to ring, make this happen my good friends! This would be very useful! Or even allow me to record to software like BI - which I’d still gladly pay for the cloud portion regarding security every year…

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At this point, I am about to leave ring altogether to go to a competitor if I cannot get continuous recording options. The snapshots just don’t work for our needs.



Ring has a fantastic opportunity to OWN the home security market. They are so close. Before the competition catches up and customers flock to another company that better suites their need I would suggest the filling items. Fast!

24/7 Recording
Ring Team. Its 2021 you MUST HAVE 24/7 continues recording. You have a leg up on Nest right now due to having your premium cameras support POE I currently have 16 exterior cameras and went with Ring due to the POE capability.

4k Support
Although you are lacking on the resolution side only offering 1080 Cameras (dud) I still used your company for my full home security. Nest offers 4k sensors and I would like a premium camera option for 4K I dont care what it costs I will. buy them. Exterior Cameras!

Live Video Playback Time Out
The most ANNOYING thing here that is making me consider switching is the Live Video time out when viewing live video. I would like to have my cameras displayed on my second desktop when in the office that offer live video stream that do not time out!

Apple Support
I am forced to use Hoobs to connect my cameras to apple home kit which automates my 96 devices in my smart home. Due to the lack of apple support Hoobs allows me to have my cameras in apple home kit. I would like you to have Apple Intigration into home kit to allow me to use the full features offered by apple and its home kit settings. Not everyone uses Alexa. I hear “Alexa” and run, I am an apple lifer. Please get this added.

Desktop App
The desktop app needs ALOT of work. You cannot view multiple cameras in a 6 camera viewer for example. You can only see one camera until it times out. The cameras open randomly on your desktop when they detect motion and even then they are in this tiny little box that seems to open on any window I am currently working on very frustrating. Users need MORE options in the desktop app it can be so good!

Motion Zones
I can’t stress this enough, Motion Zones need to have their own custom alert settings and recording settings. I would like to be able to issue “Zone 2” for example to notify me in a bold notification as well as start recording when it detects motion which will allow me to have only my “side Gate” on that zone while maintaining recording in Zones 1 & 3 upon motion without notification when a leaf blows on my driveway.

Access Controller Pro
The access controller pro already has this in the Q to be fixed. I have 2 main entrance gates and one man gate used for in home delivery. I would like to be able to connect all of them to my Access controller pro and when viewing each entrance on their separate ring widow door bells I need to be able to open the gate that is associated with those ring door bells when gusts or my wonderful step mother comes to my home.

There are much more things to add but my fingers hurt so we will leave it at that for now…


I have a video doorbell, plus 3 other ring camera’s around my property. I have been happy with them, and have also recommended / and installed them for multiple customers . However - Twice in the last few months, when looking back through my footage to view an important “incident” I have come to find it has happened BETWEEN recordings. I can see what happens BEFORE, and then the AFTERMATH. But I have no recording of the actual incident! USELESS!! Why leave it up to chance!! At the least there should be an option to pay more for 24/7 recording. Or even just record constantly when there is regular movement!!! Looks Like I will need to dump these and move to a more reliable solution, as I know no-one at RING will be reading this feedback, or fixing this issue!

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I really want to get into the Ring ecosystem of alarms and security cameras. I have an Echo device in each room which is great and one Ring Spotlight cam but can’t commit to Ring unless I get 24/7 recording. I have a Google/Nest Hello doorbell which is 24/7 recording (with subscription plan of course) which also does 4K and has come in handy MULTIPLE times. Come on Ring, there’s clearly many people waiting and hoping for this feature who are also willing to pay a bit more for additional security. I’m sure you guys can figure it out.


I have have 7 Ring cameras. If they were all recording 24x7 at HD the Internet bandwidth required could a problematic. I think Ring has a good solution with motion recording and snapshots every minute (or what ever option you choose). You look at the timeline and see a “choppy view” of the day, with smooth video when motion is detected.

I am happy to see that I am not the only one. I have the ring doorbell camera, the floodlight camera and the chime. I was thinking about buying a couple more cameras for around the outside of the house as well as inside the house but these comments have led me to see the limitations of the ring system. Since this is the first home for me and my wife and we are looking to buy a newer bigger house, I will wait and invest in a more customizable dedicated CCTV home monitoring system.

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Yes! Thinking of changing over to Nest because this is missing in Ring’s system


24/7 recording could easily be acheived with a base station with hard drive add-on, with maybe only motion events uploaded to the cloud. This would allow continuous monitoring of multiple live cameras and faster and more reliabe access to recordings.

The question is why do we not have this already?


If they allowed you to store records, it would give people less reason to pay for the subscription.

I see Xfinity is now advertising 24/7 continuous recoding with a 1 week buffer. Ring needs this. Make it a small up charge, offer compatibility with available OTS local hardware, make your own. Something needs to be provided.


So Disappointing! Not having Continuous 24/7 Feed.
There’s a reason they don’t put the 10 minute limitation on the package.
Looks like customers have been asking for this feature for years and it has not happened. I wish I would have read this forum before my purchase. It’s a shame I did all the installation only to have to return it.


I 100% agree. Devs hook us up!

The problem is the people who want to locally store 24/7 records and the like aren’t even looking at the ecosystem.

Not everyone who gets a Doorbell or Camera is going to sign up for the service. Sure there will be the ones who do because they want the timeline where they can scrub through the motion based events to get an idea of what is going on, but a lot of people just want live view and notifications.

The people who want to store video locally aren’t even considering these cameras because they don’t do it.

By adding in 24/7 continuous recording and local storage Ring increases sales gets more people to buy into the ecosystem. They can use the continuous recording aspect to more accurately record the motion that is going on rather than hoping it is still going on by the time the event triggers. They could take based on what the customer wants some of the before event recording, add it to the event recording and give you a fuller picture.

This fuller picture they could advertise as a feature of their subscription based service which would honestly get more people to look into buying it. Because currently their motion based recordings suck quite a bit.

If Ring is not paying any attention to all of your ideas they are missing some great opportunities. This would create more jobs, increase sales and most importantly move Ring to the top of security networks.

I use a lot of ring products and tons more nest on various property’s. I pay for the best plans yearly on both. Nest blows ring away by a mile. Whoever is saying pay for your ring plan and you’ll be able to use the 24/7 feature has no idea what they are talking about. Ring only allows for 90 second clips at most. Do yourself a favor and buy a nest if you want the 24/7 recording. May/2021

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Insane! I was going to switch everything over to the Ring ecosystem but now Im going to stick with Nest for all my cameras. This is boneheaded Amazon, wake up…