2021 October

Why are there such long delays in connecting to the doorbell or cameras? I have a mesh network with powerful Wi-Fi signals at each Ring device.

I received a delivery requiring a signature, from the time the delivery driver pressed the doorbell until the Chime sounded was ten seconds. The phone notification arrived after the driver departed.

When I want to go to Live View, it takes 10 to 12 tries before connecting. So much for security monitoring. Over the past few days, I cannot get a live view at all. This issue applies to my 2020 Doorbell and my Stickup Cameras. I connected everything to power, so it is not a battery issue.

Lately, even when I can connect to live view, the video is stop-motion with five to ten seconds between frames. Again, that does not provide the security that I paid a premium to have. The playback video is the usual high quality.

The lags in time connecting to live view when switching between cameras defeats the purpose of placing multiple cameras around the house. The connection should be instant on the very first attempt.

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