2020 release delayed recording

Is there any solution to this? Ive seen many others with the same issue. Doorbell starts recording many seconds into the motion event so i only catch the tail end of it and i have my motion sensitivity at max and a clear view of the street/yard but still often times i dont get a recording until someone is already driving away or walking away from my door. Help!!

Hi there, @jscherer5446! When motion settings are fully optimized by certain events are either being missed or late to record, the best setting to check is Motion Frequency. Try toggling this to detect motion as frequently as possible. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ive done that. Ive played with all the settings and nothing works. I had a package delivered to my door just about an hour ago and it didnt even record the person less than a foot away from the camera!!! Biggest waste of money.