2 Ring Doorbells / 2 Different Chime Tones based on doorbell activated

Please sort this ASAP - bought second Ring doorbell - but it is highly annoying that one cannot distinguish which one rings!

I called ring support, and the representative told me to buy double the number of chimes so that I can have 2 in each room so I can tell if the front or the back doorbell is ringing - this is absolutely unacceptable. So if you want to know if you your front or back door is ringing you need to have double the number of chimes so ring can charge you $50+ per chime. This is a feature people have been asking for since 2019

This is a must for safety reason I really dont understand why this isn’t a option.

This truly is important. The two doors are two floors apart!!

Wow! I really did not think this was an issue or I would have purchased a different system. It is so inconvenient to have to go look to see which doorbell was rung. I purchased 2 ring doorbells (front and back doors) and the chime. It would be so helpful if I could choose a specific chime for each doorbell! Please fix!

Why is this taking so long??? This feature is a must or there isnt really a point in using a chime. Who wants to scramble to figure out what camera the motion was detected… ridiculous.

We recently invested in a second Ring doorbell, assuming this feature existed (Because why wouldn’t it? Surely testing having 2 doorbells connected at once originally would flag up this problem at Ring HQ?). I’m amazed it doesn’t. Please give us the option to set a different tone per Chime per doorbell, Ring! :frowning: :sob: