2 Ring Doorbells / 2 Different Chime Tones based on doorbell activated

Here to add my frustration. I bought (2) ring doorbells, (2) ring chimes, (1) ring solar panel and (1) lighted ring camera to protect my office. I have 4500 sq ft of space and 2 rooms so those in the back don’t hear the front and those in the front dont hear the back. All i want is a ring to know if there’s a delivery in the back or someone at my front door. But that’s such a complex idea that I’d have to buy (4) chimes to get that capability in both area’s of the office.

We’re about to move offices and I’ll be chucking the whole system and shutting off my recording features. If a money grab is what they want, they can just lose me as a customer.


Must admit, I didn’t fully research my purchase as I just assumed that these smart devices would do this as a standard feature! Not sure if the Google one does, but it announces on the Nest/home so probably says something like ‘front door’.

It is tedious to have to check the phone/doors when you hear ‘a’ ring on the chime. Not smart for a smart system. Please fix.


I have voted for this in the feature add board. There seem to be two voting lines - one with 8 or 9 votes as at today and this with 40.


It is now July 2022, this very frustrating problem remains as well as the misleading promotional information. Apparently no one from Ring cares about their customers.


Hello Ring, this should be easy fix. I just one one chime to tell me, if somebody is rang the front door or back door.

It is not too much to ask. What is the issue? Do you need coder to code it? Let me know I will find one for you. People has been asking this for couple years now and you can’t put this function. Really?


THIS IS RIDICULOUS…I’m just discovering this issue and I have a larger house with a front and back door. I’d like to think that it would be relatively simple enough to add an option whereby when a new ring chime is being added, the user would be able to select “mirror the ringtone settings of another ring chime device”. That would resolve the very real frustrations people have here. Especially because many users have both a front and back door—- so I really hope this is getting high priority attention.

I just bought my 2nd Ring doorbell for the back door with the assumption that I’d be able to differentiate the chimes for motion and doorbell rings from the front door and back door on my single chime device. I agree with everyone here that this is ridiculous. I had been thinking about also installing Ring cameras around the exterior of the house, but the idea that I can’t differentiate where motion was detected with the chime is crazy. Come on Ring - how hard could this feature possibly be to add???