2 Ring Doorbells / 2 Different Chime Tones based on doorbell activated

It is really frustrating that Ring can’t support different chime alert tones from different doorbells. Old mechanical doorbells did this with no problem. Adding duplicate chimes is not a reasonable solution! It isnt’ too much to ask to be able to identify the front door from the back door.


That is ridiculous. I would also like a different chime for each doorbell.

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This is really dumb. I can get two different chimes on the app, but not on the Chime devices. This needs to be addressed ASAP. If I am in the basement and the chime goes off, I have to check both doors if I dont have no phone with me. Big problem for a tech company.


This seems like an easy fix for Ring. C’mon, Ring. Make it happen. I, too, would prefer not to have to check every door in my house if I’m not carrying my phone when someone presses the doorbell. This seemingly easy fix would make many customers very happy.

Mid 2021 and still no update on this, I can’t believe how few people are voting for this, in my view, essential update; don’t most people have more than one door?