2 alarms same property

Hi there. I am UK based and have a detached house with my photography studio built in my garden about 75 metres from my house. Its a standalone building about 10m x 8m 2 story.

I currently;u have 4 ring doorbells plus an indoor camera plus a new ver2 alarm which is fitted in the studio.

I want a 2nd alarm fitted in my house so they are totally independent. firstly is this allowed within the ring app etc can I have 2 separate alarms ?

I guess thats my only question for now ?

Hi @Julianporter. You can technically setup up 2 Ring Alarm systems in this fashion. However, it is important to note, that only 1 Ring Alarm will be able to use the Assisted Monitoring feature. The other Ring Alarm will have to be Self-Monitored. You can learn more about the Monitoring here. Also, the Ring Alarm requires a strong wifi signal to operate, so the 75 metre distance may not be ideal. I hope this is helpful.