2.4 versus 5.0 Ring devices

I’ve had my Ring 2 doorbell for about 2 weeks now. It works pretty well most times. Yesterday I played for hours trying to get the RSSI reading higher. My DB is 2.4 gHz only. When I look around my neighborhood, my TV and associated attachments are the only 5.0 gHz devices in the area while the 2.4 band varies thoughout the day from quiet to very busy. (I’ve played around with channels as well).

So - knowing what I do now - I should have purchased the Ring DB 3 which supports both bands. Particularly since my plan was to get a couple cameras as well and (correct me if I’m missing something) with a 2.4 gHz device I really am limiting myself going forward to always ‘live’ in the 2.4 gHz world. My app is going to be sitting on a device which will be connected to one network (one band).

So - today I’ve ordered the Ring DB 3 device and should have it in the next couple days. If I set it up and the RSSI reading is not worse than the Ring DB 2 I will be returnig the DB 2 to Amazon (still have 2 weeks on the return window).

Any thoughts appreciated.

Self answer…

The DB 3 arrived. It gets a much lower (unusable) RSSI reading (using 5ghz) when set up right next to the DB 2 (using 2.4ghz). I had already scheduled a return with Amazon for the DB 2, but now I will keep that device and return the much more expensive DB 3.

BUT - at this moment I have both Ring devices configured within the ‘app’ which is installed on my tablet. The tablet is connected to one of my two networks. Each Ring device is connected to a different band/network on my router - AND - the app is able to communicate with both devices !!

That was one of my concerns, and a principal reasons to buy the DB 3. I was worried that if I purchased a 5ghz camera in the future the app would only see the device(s) for the network to which it was connected - but that is not the case…