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When I got my Ring Doorbell 2 it would not connect to 2.4 GHz but did connect to 5 GHz with no problem. Today it hit me that I had turned 2.4 GHz off since it’s a guest network. Today I turned it on and Ring accepted my password and went through the motions but in the end, it kept failing to connect with the 2 left lights flashing. I made sure my phone was on the 2.4 GHz network. I’ve checked my router and do not see anything out of order. Watching it carefully, the step where the install fails is when it is restoring my internet. The light is blue flashing up then goes to two white left lights flashing. However, I notice that the LTE symbol is still there and then the wifi symbol comes back after the two white left lights are flashing. The problem appears to be getting my wifi started back again on my phone.

Forgot to mention that I did unlink my spotlight and floodlight before attempting to switch networks.

Hey @426Cuda. Could you try rebooting your phone to see is this helps, or trying to connect the Doorbell to the 2.4 Ghz network from another device, such as another phone or tablet?

So frustrating. I have spent hours on this and am no further along. I finally deleted the doorbell from the app and then added it back. Dozens of times and I am consistently getting the same error on three different devices. When I select the network I want to add the doorbell to it never asks me for the password to that network and that is the error I am getting every time now. I searched this group and the only reference I found was a listing of the steps in the app to connect the doorbell.

  • "Select device to setup
  • Confirm location
  • After the first few steps the app will ask you to connect to the Ring AP (access point). Here you will leave the Ring app temporarily, go to your phone’s wifi settings, and select the network with “Ring” in the name. No password is required yet, once connected in wifi settings, please return to the Ring app.
  • Upon returning to the Ring app, you will now be prompted to select your home wifi network and enter your wifi password to connect."

I can select the network just fine but it never asks for the network password.

I made sure that I deleted the old ringxxxx from the list of networks before attempting a new connection. I’ve done multiple resets before attempting a new connection. If the installation app would just work as it is supposed to work and ask me for my password I would be OK. Any ideas?

And, yes, I’ve rebooted the phone as well.

I contacted support on Saturday and after a couple of hours we were able to resolve the issue.

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@426Cuda That’s great! I’m so glad you were able to get this resolved after yours hours of work. I apologize that it took up this much of your time in the first place. What did you do with support to resolve this?

With the first level, we walked through adding the doorbell to the Ring app three times to verify that it was not asking for the network password. I was then transferred to level 2 and we uninstalled the Ring app and re-installed it. Then we checked security on the router and changed the 2.4 GHz network from WPA2/WPA to WPA. Since I was, at that point, having trouble with both networks we attempted to connect on the 5 GHz and were successful. Then we attempted to connect to the 2.4 GHz and were successful, even though the app said it failed due to password. Both techs were amazed that I’ve been running this on 5 GHz for so many months.

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