1st gen stick up camera

Found a 1st gen stick up cam that I never hooked up. Charged the camera overnight (with orange plug) and tried to set it up. I get to the part of connecting to my wifi network and it fails everytime. Reset it, tried several different channels 5G/2.4G/Google Network (ring doorbell & Chime are on this network). Ive tried so many different things to get this thing connected. I reset the router, tried set up next to the router, in another room, used the ipad instead of the phone and nothing works. I did notice as its trying to connect to the wifi, the light flashes very fast. After the connection fails the light goes dark. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hey @ss2beach. Since you have tried a lot of troubleshooting steps already to see if you can get it to connect to your home wifi network, you may need to explore some more settings on your router to get the device to connect. If you could, please check your ports and protocols on your router to ensure you can get the Ring device to connect. Let us know if making these adjustments helps!