13-15% battery after 3 days charging

I am about to return the Ring Door Bell I bought in late Feburary. Its been on charge for 3 days inside so its warm. Blue light on front flashes when charged. App still shows 16%.

We are not missing parcels as we don’t have a door bell.

Is there anything I should check before I return it as faulty?

it feels like broken firmware.

Hey @feetinclouds! It sounds like you’ve given the app time to update it’s device health battery level. It should be reflecting a charged battery after charging for so long. Please ensure you are charging the battery using the provided USB and a standard home outlet. It’s always important to also consider variables like too many motion events, cold temperature, or poor wifi signal strength, which can drain your battery quicker.

Check out our Community post about battery draining to learn more! :slight_smile: