10-16v for Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Hi folks - So it looks like I’ve got an old 10-16v door bell. Install instructions say that you need 16-24v for the Pro. Thoughts on if this will work or do I need to go with a different product? Thanks, Mitch

Hi @Mitchman, I recommend preforming a power test with the power output from the doorbell’s current wiring. If you’re able to get a consistent 16v from the doorbell’s current wiring, you should be OK to use the Pro. If you are unable to get the consistent numbers, you may want to look into the Ring Video Doorbell 2. With this Doorbell you can hardwire as well, but it uses a battery power source that you will have to remove to recharge every so often depending on usage. Hardwiring the Ring Video Doorbell 2 will give you a trickle charge as well to help increase the time you have in between charges as well.

Hi Chelsea - Thanks for the tip. Decided to give it a try and circa 1980’s doorbell doing 10-16v did the trick. Everything working like a charm. Thanks - Mitch

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Hey @Mitchman. So glad that worked! :slight_smile: